PowerLift is an affordable and reliable automated rigging system which will enhance the impact of your productions.


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  • Quick, economical automation of your existing counterweight sets
  • Compact fixed speed winch unit fits under your locking rail
  • Simple control station replaces your existing rope lock
  • Control systems range from push button station to SceneControl 500 to meet your operating requirements
  • 907kg (2000 lb) set capacity (453kg capacity winch with a fixed 453kg counterbalancing weight in your existing arbor)
  • Maximum speed of 7.6 mpm
  • PowerAssist takes the place of an existing counterweight set and can be placed between two manual sets on 150mm (6”) centres
  • PowerAssist winches are equipped with key operated switches to prevent un-authorised use
  • PowerAssist handles the out of balance loads, so you don’t have to
  • PowerAssist handles the load, so you don’t need to adjust the counterweights and so it eliminates the dangers of handling weights and runaways