PowerLift is an affordable and reliable automated rigging system which will enhance the impact of your productions.


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  • Predictable, accurate and consistent scenery movements at every performance
  • Dual brake system to ensure reliable stops and to hold loads securely for long periods
  • All units have up to seven (7) lifting lines
  • No need to handle counterweight or climb into the loading gallery
  • True zero speed at full torque available
  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
  • PowerLift winches can be mounted at 254mm (10”) centres with all winches on one side of the stage. The centres can be reduced to 178mm (7”) by alternating the mounting on both sides of the stage
  • JR Clancy have been building moving winch drums for over 40 years providing compact winches that free up backstage space and eliminate fleet angle difficulties
  • Redundant limit switches and E stop functions for your protection
  • PowerLift can be provided with optional load monitoring that works with the SceneControl series operation consoles to stop movement in case of overload or under load and to display the lifting loads for safe operation
  • Fixed speed winches for lighting, shell ceilings and other utility sets that don’t move during the performance. Winches can be controlled using basic push button controls
  • Variable speed winches for scenery, curtains and other elements that move for dramatic effect during a performance. Winches are controlled from a SceneControl console, so that full synchronisation and cue facilities can be controlled from a single operator position
  • CE Certified

PowerLift Range

Model Lifting Speed Lifting Capacity Rating Travel Self Wt (Kg)
018-P0220V 0 - 6 mpm 907kgs (2000lbs) 1.1Kw 19.8m 340
018-P1212V 0 - 36 mpm 566kgs (1250lbs) 3.7Kw 19.8m 350
018-P1220V 0 - 36 mpm 907kgs (2000lbs) 5.6Kw 19.8m 362
018-P1812V 0 - 54 mpm 566kgs (1250lbs) 5.6Kw 19.8m 362